About Us

Specialising in Private Equity, Vantage Markets provides up to the minute market news and complimentary reports on a market valued to be over $2 trillion globally. Working closely with corporate clients, Vantage Markets acts as an introducer of Private Equity Investment opportunities exclusively to High Net Worth and sophisticated investors.

Acquiring equity ownership in unlisted companies or soon to be listed companies that hold huge potential is not a new approach to investing. Private equity in America alone represents a $426bn Market, with Fortune 500 companies using it as a way to manage their own investment portfolios.

This sector is typically only accessible to venture-capital firms and large investment institutions, and has historically meant that individuals are unable to capitalise on the potential for explosive growth and financial benefits that come with investing in Pre Initial Public Offerings (Pre-IPOS) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS’s). Vantage Markets aim to offer a route to this lucrative market exclusively for High Net Worth and sophisticated Investors.

Private Equity Vs the FTSE

‘UK private equity returns double that of pension funds and FTSE All-Share’

BVCA’s annual Performance Measurement Survey examines the performance of UK private equity and venture capital funds and how they compare against other asset classes. The survey, produced in association with PwC and Capital Dynamics, finds that the combined 10 year internal rate of return (IRR) for private equity and venture capital stood at 14.9% for 2014, nearly double the figure returned by UK pension fund assets (7.8%) and the FTSE All-Share (7.6%).

Source: British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

Vantage Markets develop and maintain close relationships with the corporate clients we choose to represent. An advantage of investing into a small to medium size company looking to expand is not exclusively about the financial gains possible. Vantage Markets uses its strategic industry contacts to target companies that demonstrate excellent growth potential, a high quality management team, sound business model and business operations within a growth market. Holding stocks that meet this criteria can attribute towards a successfully diversified investment portfolio, which can be especially important during macro economic uncertainty.

This bespoke approach to selecting clients means that we are able to introduce exciting companies with real potential and maintain an ethos of providing high quality customer service that many large, multinational companies struggle maintain. The Private Equity Sector is an incredibly valuable market that is only moving from strength to strength. Pre IPOS and EIS’s not only act as a hedge against stock market downward volatility and create capital, but can also work as a tool for tax efficiency.

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS’s)

EIS’s have become a widely used tool to alleviate High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investor’s tax liabilities. Providing Income Tax Relief, Capital Gains Tax Exemption, Loss Relief and Capital Gains Tax Deferral Relief.

Pre IPOs

Pre IPO investment is beneficial to both company and investor. Soon to be listed companies listed at an attractive position within the market ensure an influx of funds. As such operations, sales and profit strengthen. Pre-IPO investors can also gain insulation from volatility whilst the company is ‘off market’ and have the option to sell the company shares should the company list on an exchange.

Vantage Markets uses expert knowledge and innovative methods to perform the strictest due diligence on all Corporate Clients prior to ‘on-boarding’. From this well researched foundation we are able to not only provide newsflow regarding the financial markets, but also introduce eligible investors to companies that have high growth potential and reflect our values.