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Adobe Inc (NASDAQ: ABDE) Stock Overview: All You Need to Know About Adobe 


Adobe Inc (NASDAQ: ABDE) Stock Overview: All You Need to Know About Adobe 

Adobe Inc (NASDAQ: ABDE) Stock Overview: All You Need to Know About Adobe 

Vantage Updated Updated Mon, 2024 February 26 09:55

History [1] 

Founded in December 1982, Adobe Inc is the brain child of former employees of Xerox Corporation’s Palo Alto (California) Research Center, John Warnock and Charles Geschke. While in Xerox, the two friends developed a programming language later known as PostScript that revolutionised the printing and publishing industries. 

The company was officially incorporated in October 1983 as Adobe Systems Incorporated. Ever since, Adobe has been a pioneer of the software industry, creating a wide range of software products for creating and publishing content, including graphics and photography. Some of the most popular products include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Suite. 

In 2018, Adobe Inc. Acquired Marketo as part of their strategy to widen its lead in customer experience across B2C and B2B. This acquisition brought together Adobe’s Experience Cloud analytics, content, personalisation and commerce capabilities with Marketo’s lead management and account-based marketing technology. 

They also acquired Macromedia Freehand, Dreamweaver, and Director, which included programs like Shockwave and Flash. 

Adobe has since discontinued several software products due to changing market conditions and impact on customers. Adobe Flash, for instance, was discontinued in 2020 due to the emergence of new standards like HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly, which served as viable alternatives for Flash content. 

While Adobe has in the recent years made significant strides in the software industry in, it is not without its challenges. An example of this would be the cancellation of a $20billion deal for Figma due to regulatory rules in Europe.  

Key Points 

  • Adobe Inc, established in 1982 by ex-Xerox employees, has been instrumental in the software industry, creating products like Photoshop and expanding through acquisitions like Marketo to enhance customer experience. 
  • Adobe’s stock surged by 80% in 2023, highlighting its solid market dominance and strategic financial moves like AI investment and stock repurchases. 
  • Adobe’s share price is influenced by exceeding Q4 2023 earnings expectations, the discontinuation of products like Adobe Muse CC, and the terminated Figma deal, with plans to invest in AI and buy back stock. 

Adobe’s Share Price 2024 

Here is how Adobe Inc has been performing on the stock market for the past year:  

Adobe Stock Price 2023
Chart 1: Adobe’s share price performance for the year 2023 ( 

In 2023, Adobe’s share price saw significant growth. The stock reached its lowest point of the year at $318.60 on 24 February but made a remarkable recovery in the subsequent months. The upward trajectory culminated, reaching its one-year-high of $633.89 on 12 December. 

This year, Adobe is off to a strong start, approaching the highs of 12 December 2023. 

Adobe’s Stock Price History (Annual) [2] 
Year  Average Stock Price  Year Open  Year High  Year Low  Year Close  Annual % Change  
2022  396.1215 564.3700 564.3700 275.2000 336.5300 -40.65% 
2021  560.6137 485.3400 688.3700 421.2000 567.0600 13.38% 
2020  415.9712 334.4300 533.8000 285.0000 500.1200 51.64% 
2019  279.3228 224.5700 331.2000 215.7000 329.8100 45.78% 
2018  235.0375 177.7000 275.4900 177.7000 226.2400 29.10% 
2017  143.9961 103.4800 185.4000 103.4800 175.2400 70.22% 
2016  97.3250 91.9700 110.8100 73.8500 102.9500 9.59% 
2015  80.9678 72.3400 95.5600 69.9900 93.9400 29.22% 
2014  67.4529 59.2900 76.0200 58.0900 72.7000 21.41% 
2013  46.8033 38.3400 60.8900 37.7300 59.8790 58.91% 
Table 1: History of Adobe’s annual stock price  

When Was Adobe Inc. Listed? 

Adobe Inc. made its initial public offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ Stock Market on August 13, 1986. 

About the stock: Adobe Inc. 

Adobe Inc. Trading Information 

  • Primary exchange: NASDAQ 
  • Adobe Stock Symbol: ADBE 
  • Country: U.S. 
  • Currency: USD 
  • Trading hours: 
    • Main: 9.30am to 4pm ET, Mon to Fri 
    • Pre-market: 4am to 9.30am 
    • After-market: 4pm to 8pm 

Business Segment [3] 

Sector Industry Market Cap (As of 2 February 2024) Revenue (2022) 
Technology Software – Infrastructure $279.237B $17.606B 
Table 2: Adobe’s business segment 

Adobe Inc. operates in the technology sector specialising in software products within the digital media industry. With its diverse portfolio of products, Adobe is one of the largest software companies in the world, boasting a lion’s share of 59.07% in the market [4].  

Stock Split History [5] 

Since Adobe Inc.’s first public listing in 1986, the company underwent a total of 6 stock splits. Adobe split their stock for the first time in 1987 with the most recent stock split on 24 May 2005. 

Stock split list [6] 

Date Stock Split  
12 March 1987 2:1 
23 November 1988 2:1 
11 August 1993 2:1 
27 October 1999 2:1 
25 October 2000 2:1 
24 May 2005 2:1 
Table 3: Adobe’s stock split list 

What Could Affect Adobe’s Share Price 

1. Adobe’s Q4 2023 Earnings Report [7] 

On 13 December 2023, Adobe Inc reported its Q4 2023 earnings – beating expectations with a reported EPS of $3.95, exceeding the expected $3.83. This quarter is also the company’s first-ever $5 billion quarter, making it a new record for the company.  
This positive financial performance could boost the confidence in Adobe shares.  
Adobe has scheduled the release of its Q1 FY2024 earnings report for 20 March, 2024. 

2. Adobe’s decision to discontinue Adobe Muse CC [8]

Muse, once celebrated as a user-friendly web design tool, gained a loyal following among designers who appreciated its no-code approach. However, abruptly placing Muse into “End of Life” status in 2018 left users without further support, upgrades, or bug fixes. The fallout was intense: angry customers, petitions, and even threats of class action lawsuits. Moreover, Adobe’s subsequent move to shut down its TypeKit servers in spring 2023 further impacted Muse sites worldwide. 
This business decision showcases the company’s commitment to its product portfolio, potentially swaying investors’ overall perception of the company’s adaptability and innovation. 

3. Figma Deal Termination [9] 

With the company’s unsuccessful merger with Figma Inc, Adobe now has about $6 bilion in cash which will most likely be used to accelerate artificial intelligence development and buy back stock. These plans could be a positive sign for Adobe’s share price in the future. 

Why Trade Adobe Stocks 

1. Strong growth in 2023 [10] 

Adobe’s remarkable performance in 2023, marked by an 80% increase in share price, demonstrates its unwavering growth. As a leader in the creative software domain, Adobe continues to innovate, driving sustained revenue growth. Their stronghold in digital media, including products like Creative Cloud, positions them well for future success. 

2. Shareholder-friendly capital allocation [11] 

Adobe’s management actively pursues mergers and acquisitions to enhance revenue growth. Additionally, their share repurchase program contributes to beating consensus earnings per share (EPS) expectations. This is a good sign for investors interested in Adobe stocks. 

Trade Adobe stocks with Vantage 

Vantage offers commission-free and secure trading of Adobe and other leading US stocks via Contracts for Differences (CFDs). With Vantage, you will be able to trade a broad selection of US shares with zero commission. Sign up for a live account and start trading today! 


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