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Copy Trading With Vantage: Helping Traders Trade Market Opportunities 

Updated November 30, 2022 Guides

Ever wondered if there’s more to trading? Perhaps a personal record of all your accomplishments, or getting paid for building trading strategies? If you are already making successful trades regularly, you’re halfway to becoming a signal provider! 

At Vantage’s Social Trading platform, we’re offering our Top Traders (aka Signal Providers) not just an avenue to study financial markets, but also an opportunity to earn monthly extra income by letting others copy trades through the Vantage Mobile App. 

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How Does Vantage’s Social Trading Work? 

Social Trading allows any trader to entirely mirror the trades of other seasoned traders in the market with a reputable track record. Social trading also allows new traders to learn from other, professional traders by understanding how these experienced traders’ trade.

Here at Vantage, we practice a subset of Social Trading called Copy Trading, which essentially allows you to automatically copy the trades of your preferred Vantage Top Trader. With a wide variety of traders under Vantage, new traders can gain all the benefits of trading without managing fees. Traders are able to copy trades on a large array of different CFD markets such as shares, commodities, indices, forex and cryptocurrencies.

This effective trading strategy is also popular among novice traders who have just started their trading journey. This way, they get to learn and monitor successful trading strategies based on Vantage’s Top Traders. It is also an automatic portfolio diversifier as there are so many different strategies, portfolio, and market perceptions, for traders to copy from. New traders are bound to find a trader they would like to copy, on Vantage’s list of Top Traders.

It’s also ideal for those who have less time to observe the markets daily. Through Copy Trading they can continue to execute trades by copying a Top Trader, without having to spend hours on their own deciding on a trade.

What are Signal Providers?

Copy Trading on Vantage boils down to these 2 roles:

  • Top Traders: Experienced traders who share their portfolio
  • Copiers: Traders who follow an experienced trader’s portfolio 

At Vantage, Top Traders are the Signal Providers who participate on our Social Trading program. They make their trading strategies and market signals public for those who are copying their portfolio to see.

To start earning commissions as a Vantage Top Trader, there are a few criteria to fulfil, but with comprehensive and quick approval assessments, anyone with any level of experience is eligible to be a Signal Provider and make their way to becoming a Top Trader at Vantage. 

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Top 5 Benefits of being a Vantage Top Trader

Building Your Business 

Any traders that have a consistent growth using the Vantage app have the ability to gain additional revenue apart from their day-trading business.

Multiply Income Streams

Vantage’s Social Trading allows a Top Trader to trade as usual, with the potential of extra earnings. So don’t let well-deserved commissions slip away while you’re already doing what you do best. 

Supreme Commission Tiers

Vantage’s attractive commission rates can go above and beyond so long as Top Traders gather more copiers. If you are an experienced trader, you could already be halfway there. Embark on your journey from the default Explorer Tier and ascend to become a Legend within the Vantage Top Traders when you continue to make successful trades.

copy trades

Scale Your Reputation

Connect with a community of like-minded traders and build a network of copiers and fellow Top Traders. Learn, strategise, and grow together through the all-in-one app. Not only will our Top Traders be put on a pedestal, but they can also be proud of establishing themselves as a trader that others can follow.

Seasonal Promotions

Top Traders will never miss out on all the monthly benefits Vantage has to offer. We’ve even got early bird rewards on top of attractive commissions you earn from getting copied. 

What’s the typical journey of a Vantage Top Trader 

1) Simply set your profile to public on your “Profile” page. Toggle this setting and your trades will be available for others to view and copy. 

copy trader

2) You can set up your profile and input your trading strategy details on the info tab. This allows others to assess your trading styles before copying your strategies. 

copy traders

3) Top Traders who wish to unlock further commissions and make the step up to a higher tier have to apply for an advancement after meeting the listed criteria. Do note that each advancement requires traders to apply for it on their own. 

copy trading

4) Commissions earned will be automatically deposited to your existing live account every month according to its base currency.

Why choose Vantage to do Social Trading? 

The Vantage Trading app was built for executing trades in the palm of your hand. An entire list of Top Traders is available for you to browse at your fingertips, with a comprehensive display of their track record and assets invested. 

With a wide variety of assets, deposit methods, award-winning 24/5 customer service, and an intuitive user interface, the Vantage app allows you to trade efficiently and seamlessly. You can even connect your MT4/MT5 account easily to take your trading adventures on the road. 

Download the Vantage App now and join Vantage Social Trading today!

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