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Lululemon Athletica Inc (NASDAQ:LULU) Stock Overview: All You Need to Know About Lululemon


Lululemon Athletica Inc (NASDAQ:LULU) Stock Overview: All You Need to Know About Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica Inc (NASDAQ:LULU) Stock Overview: All You Need to Know About Lululemon

Vantage Updated Updated Tue, 2024 March 19 09:22

History [1]

Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon emerged as a pioneering sportswear brand. Originating from a daytime design studio and nighttime yoga hub, the brand quickly gained traction. In November 2000, Wilson inaugurated the first standalone Lululemon store, setting the stage for exponential growth. 

By 2011, Lululemon had achieved the significant milestone of $1 billion in sales. Renowned for its innovative approach to athletic apparel, the company became synonymous with high-quality, fashionable athleisure products. 

In 2015, Lululemon introduced Nulu, a revolutionary fabric known for its exceptional softness, lightweight feel, and remarkable stretchiness. This material became instrumental in the creation of their renowned Align pants, which garnered widespread acclaim among Lululemon enthusiasts and remained a standout product in the brand’s lineup as of September 2023. 

The same year witnessed the launch of the ABC Pant for Men, sparking media buzz for its controversial abbreviation, “anti-ball crushing.” This marked Lululemon’s foray into the men’s market, diversifying its product offerings. 

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Lululemon made a strategic move by acquiring Mirror, an interactive home fitness platform, for $500 million. This acquisition proved timely as it aligned with the surging demand for remote workout solutions. 

Further expanding its portfolio, Lululemon ventured into the footwear market in 2022, demonstrating its commitment to diversification and innovation in the ever-evolving realm of athletic apparel and wellness.

Lululemon’s Share Price 2024 

Here is how Lululemon Athletica Inc has been performing on the stock market for the past year:  

Chart 1: Lululemon’s share price performance for the past year 

Lululemon Athletica Inc. exhibited notable growth throughout 2023, marked by two significant surges in its stock price. Following its lowest point of the year at $289.14 on 16 March, the stock experienced a spike to $370.25 the subsequent week, culminating in an all-time high of $516.39 just before year-end.  

In the new year, Lululemon’s stock price is trading at 9% lower than its all-time high in the last twelve months, aligning with the broader market. 

Lululemon’s Stock Price History (Annual) [2] 
Year  Average Stock Price  Year Open  Year High  Year Low  Year Close  Annual % Change  
2023 374.4076 323.3800 511.2900 292.9000 511.2900 59.59% 
2022 321.1518 387.5600 404.6600 257.5100 320.3800 -18.16% 
2021 372.0548 356.4000 477.9100 285.1400 391.4500 12.48% 
2020 290.7740 233.4200 398.2900 138.9800 348.0300 50.23% 
2019 180.3610 123.3500 233.1900 123.3500 231.6700 90.50% 
2018 114.6959 79.6900 162.4900 76.6700 121.6100 54.74% 
2017 61.1822 66.8500 79.6100 47.9100 78.5900 20.93% 
2016 65.0450 55.8600 80.6500 53.9100 64.9900 23.86% 
2015 60.0402 55.3400 69.7700 44.0900 52.4700 -5.95% 
2014 45.2917 58.5900 59.6000 37.2500 55.7900 -5.49% 
2013 69.7467 74.0200 82.2800 57.8800 59.0300 -22.56% 
Table 1: History of Lululemon’s annual stock price  

When Was Lululemon Athletica Inc. Listed? 

Lululemon Athletica Inc. made its initial public offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ Stock Market on 27 July, 2007. 

About the stock: Lululemon Athletica Inc 

Lululemon Athletica Inc Trading Information 

  • Primary exchange: NASDAQ 
  • Lululemon Stock Symbol: LULU 
  • Country: U.S. 
  • Currency: USD 
  • Trading hours: 
    • Main: 9.30am to 4pm ET, Mon to Fri 
    • Pre-market: 4am to 9.30am 
    • After-market: 4pm to 8pm 

Business Segment [3] 

Sector Industry Market Cap (As of 6 February 2024) Revenue (2023) 
Consumer Discretionary Textile – Apparel Manufacturing $58.351B $8.111B 
Table 2: Lululemon’s business segment 

Lululemon Inc., one of the most well known brands for yoga and technical athletic apparel, operates in the consumer discretionary sector. In 2023 alone, the stock has risen by 60%, outperforming the returns of the three key U.S. market indices [4]

Stock Split History [5] 

Since Lululemon Inc.’s first public listing in 2007, the company has only split its stock once in 2011. 

Stock split list [6]

Date Stock Split  
12 July 2011 x2 
Table 3: Lululemon’s stock split history 

What Could Affect Lululemon’s Share Price 

1. Competitors launching similar products [7]

Under Armour’s introduction of Neolast, a fabric made from recycled materials and devoid of harmful chemicals, presents a potential innovation and marketing edge over Lululemon. Neolast aims to lessen dependence on elastane/spandex while preserving stretch and comfort, a feature integral to Lululemon’s product line. This eco-friendly alternative aligns with consumer trends favouring sustainable fashion, posing a competitive threat to Lululemon’s revenue and future growth prospects. 

2. Lululemon launches mens wear [8]

Lululemon is set to introduce its inaugural line of men’s footwear, including a range of casual and performance sneakers tailored to male customers. Renowned for its signature “belt bags” and yoga attire, the athletic apparel brand aims to expand its men’s segment, with ambitions to achieve $12.5 billion in revenue by 2026. This move comes amidst Lululemon’s recent slower growth rate and intensified competition from established and emerging rivals in the market.

Why Trade Lululemon Stocks 

1. Lululemon adds $1 billion to its stock repurchase program [9]

Investing in Lululemon stocks presents an attractive opportunity due to the company’s commitment to shareholder value. With plans to add $1 billion to its stock repurchase program, Lululemon demonstrates confidence in its financial position and future growth potential. This move not only signifies a belief in the company’s undervalued shares but also highlights its dedication to enhancing shareholder returns. 

2. Lululemon partners up with Peloton [10]

Lululemon has signed a five-year partnership with Peloton as the primary producer of Peloton-branded fitness apparel. Access to Peloton’s extensive customer base and distribution channels could facilitate market expansion for Lululemon, while discontinuing its underperforming Mirror fitness device allows the company to refocus on its core strengths. 

Additionally, synergies between the two brands in marketing, product development, and customer engagement may further bolster investor confidence in Lululemon’s growth prospects. 

Trade Lululemon stocks with Vantage 

Vantage offers commission-free and secure trading of Lululemon and other leading US stocks via Contracts for Differences (CFDs). With Vantage, you will be able to trade a broad selection of US shares with zero commission. Sign up for a live account and start trading today! 


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