MT4 Trade Terminal

This advanced trade execution and analysis tool allows for quick, precision trading. A one-click trade manager with a plethora of built-in functions. Trade professionally, quickly and never miss that trade opportunity again! Quick opening of market, pending and OCO orders …

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MT4 Session Map

The Session Map shows your current local time in relation to “sessions” during the trading day, i.e. the core trading hours when institutional dealers are most active in Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. (For example, Tokyo trading is defined …

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MT4 Sentiment Trader

The Sentiment Trader displays information about current and historic long/short sentiment: the percentage of traders who currently have (or had) an open buy or sell position in a symbol. The figures are not technical analysis based on price action. They …

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MT4 Mini Terminal

For active traders who require speed when entering and exiting positions in the market.  Allows the added flexibility of trading complex order types with a single click. Allows for orders to be placed directly from the chart Trade with multiple …

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MT4 Market Manager

The Market Manager does four main things: It shows a “watch list” of both symbol prices and open positions, with facilities for closing positions and opening new ones It shows headline information about the account, such as equity, balance, and …

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MT4 RTD Link

The Excel RTD app lets you do two things: Put real-time data into Excel using only Excel’s RTD() function. No macros; no programming; no XLL add-ins Send simple trading commands from VBA code in Excel You can run multiple copies …

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MT4 Correlation Trader

The Correlation Trader shows the correlation between symbols over a configurable timeframe, e.g. recent H1 bars. Correlation is measured on a scale from -100 to +100: +100 means that the price movements in symbol A and B have been identical …

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MT4 Correlation Matrix

The Correlation Matrix shows the correlation between symbols over a configurable timeframe and number of bars, for example the last 100 H1 bars. Correlation is measured on a scale from -100 to +100: +100 means that the price movements in …

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MT4 Alarm Manager

The Alarm Manager lets you do three main things: Get notifications about events on your account, and in the market Take automatic actions when events occur Send automatic updates to your followers via Twitter, email, or SMS In essence, the …

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Pembukaan Akun Cepat & Mudah

  • Daftar

    Pilih tipe akun dan ajukan aplikasi pendaftaran Anda.

  • Danai

    Danai akun Anda dengan menggunakan beragam cara pendanaan.

  • Perdagangan

    Akses 300+ instrumen pada semua kelas aset di MT4/MT5