EURUSD Weekly Setup


Happy Monday, traders!

Skimming through some charts first thing this morning, the EURUSD weekly jumped out with a couple of potential setups occurring.

Consider the chart below:

What we’re seeing here is a clear level of demand (blue) and a tested level of supply (pink), which have both been tested a few times over the past couple of years. Interestingly, we’re also seeing the potential formation of a Head & Shoulders pattern. Whilst it’s early days for our H&S, the completion of such a pattern would add significant probability to the downside.

It’s also worth noting that failed H&S patterns can be just as strong at indicating a reversal setup.

Traders could play this a few ways… we could potentially see price bounce strongly off our demand zone, in which case a solid bounce should occur; or, we could see a failure of our demand zone, resulting in a further significant decline; or, we can await to see if our H&S pattern plays out.

Either way, confirmation is needed before actioning any of the above setup ideas.

As always, trade safe folks.


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