Vantage FX Expands With New Servers To Keep Up With Binary Options


Vantage FX has enhanced their global trading infrastructure with the addition of brand new, state-of-the-art MT4 servers to keep up with the company’s growth, greatly due to the increased popularity in the newly offered Binary Options. Based in London, these additional servers have allowed Vantage FX to have more than doubled their server capacity.

The upgrade will expand on Vantage FX’s existing Equinix server network which aims to improve trading execution times and server stability. “This will allow for an overall enhanced trading environment– both automated and discretionary. The improvement will not only benefit our European clients but will benefit our global network as a whole – balancing and easing traffic” says Vantage FX Managing Director, Antony Goddard.

These extensions to Vantage FX come at a time with the notable growing interest in Binary Options. Even though, the growth for Binary Options since its introduction over the last four years in the market has rapidly gained momentum, Vantage FX has seen a dramatic surge in the trading of Binary Options amongst their own clients since their offering in October last year. As the first broker worldwide to provide a combined experience of both Binary Options and Forex trading on the one MetaTrader 4, Vantage FX traders have quickly seized the opportunity with Binary Option trade volumes quadrupling in the last three months of trade.

There has also been an increasing interest and curiosity amongst traders who have yet to trade in Binary Options. Staff members have noted an increase in customer support queries on Binary Options and a high attendance rating for the company’s free Binary Options webinars presented by trading expert and Futures columnist, Abe Cofnas. “The interest and curiosity is definitely there. People are excited but are being smart about it learning from the webinars and asking us questions” said Rom Revita, Vantage FX Account Manager.

For those who would like to learn more about Binary Options feel free to contact the Vantage FX support team or download a free 30-day demo of the platform at


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Contact: Rom Revita

Phone: +61 1300 945 517

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