CFD Rollover Dates for August 2022


The following CFD instruments will be rolled over on the expiration dates below in August 2022.

SymbolDescriptionRollover DateCurrent ContractNext Contract
VIXVolatility12 August 2022Volatility Index – Aug 2022Volatility Index – Sep 2022
CL-OILCrude Oil West Texas Future19 August 2022Crude Oil West Texas – Sep 2022Crude Oil West Texas – Oct 2022
CHINA50ftCHINA50 Future24 August 2022China A50 -Aug 2022China A50 – Sep 2022
UKOUSDftBrent Oil Future25 August 2022Crude Oil Brent – Oct 2022Crude Oil Brent – Nov 2022
HK50ftHong Kong 50 Future26 August 2022Hong Kong 50 – Aug 2022Hong Kong 50 – Sep 2022

Please note:

  • The rollover will be automatic and any existing open positions will remain open. 
  • Positions that are open on the expiration date will be adjusted via a rollover charge or credit to reflect the price difference between the expiring and new contracts.
  • To avoid CFD rollovers, clients can choose to close any open CFD positions prior to the expiration date.
  • Clients should ensure that take profits and stop losses are adjusted before this rollover occurs.

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