Margin Requirement Changes for CL Oil


We are pleased to advise that from 4th May 2020 we will reduce  margin requirements for  

CL Oil to 5%

This will effectively be half the current margin rate.

The below table is an example of how the margin calculation will apply following the change;


Product Current Margin New Margin
CL OIL USD10000 USD5000

Margin changes will be effective from 00:00am 4th of May (MT4 Server time GMT+3). All other conditions and products remain unchanged.

Recently, the financial markets have been extremely volatile, and we continue to observe wide spreads, price gaps and periods of thin liquidity.

We continue to advise caution during this period of volatility, and recommend that you always monitor positions carefully and maintain a sufficient account surplus.

If you have any questions or require further clarity surrounding this Oil margin adjustment, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or email [email protected].

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