Vantage and McLaren MX Extreme E Team launches Mother’s Day Campaign featuring McLaren’s first female driver


Vantage, the international multi-asset broker, together with McLaren MX Extreme E Team, has unveiled its latest Mother’s Day video campaign celebrating the supportive female role models who helped to shape McLaren’s first female driver, Emma Gilmour.  

The video features New Zealand-born Gilmour, and pays tribute to her mother who made her journey easier.    

From being the first and only woman to date to win a New Zealand Rally Championship event in 2016, to becoming McLaren Racing’s first female driver competing in the Extreme E championship series, Gilmour is fully cognisant of her position as a female role model in a male-dominated world, and credits her mother’s unwavering support for her success.

“My mother has been one of my biggest supporters,” says Gilmour. “She was there for all of my accomplishments, and my disappointments. She encouraged me to pursue my dreams and helped me to achieve them in every way she could. On this day and every day, I thank her for all her unlimited love and support.”

“In our pursuit for an ideal future, women have always been the most crucial piece of the puzzle. This is our small way of showing our appreciation for the most important women in our lives – our mothers,” says Marc Despallieres, Chief Strategy and Trading Officer, Vantage.

Despallieres explains that the multi-year partnership between Vantage and McLaren MX Extreme E Team was cemented on the shared values of sustainability and diversity, as well as gender equality, inclusion and representation, all while championing for and advocating climate change awareness.                         

“At Vantage, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to supporting, educating, and empowering the women among us, and we desire to continue to do so for the long term.”

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