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The first step is always the hardest. To help you kickstart your trading journey, we are giving you a 100% rebate on your first trade margin. To earn up to $100* cash rebates on your first trade margin, all you have to do is to fund your account and close your first trade.


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Access 1,000+ derivative products on MT4 / MT5. Please refer to the following examples for your further understanding.
Based on 500x leverage
Lot size Required Margin (USD$) Rebate Amount (USD$)
0.01 lot EURUSD 1,000/500*1.00 = 2 2
0.1 lot EURUSD 10,000/500*1.00 = 20 20
1 lot EURUSD 100,000/500*1.00 = 200 100 (cap limit)
Based on 100x leverage
Lot size Required Margin (USD$) Rebate Amount (USD$)
0.01 lot EURUSD 1,000/100*1.00 = 10 10
0.1 lot EURUSD 10,000/100*1.00 = 100 100
1 lot EURUSD 100,000/100*1.00 = 1,000 100 (cap limit)


1. Required Margin Formula: Trade Size / Leverage * Account Currency Exchange Rate 2. Standard Lot Size: 100,000 Units
3. Exchange rate of EURUSD: 1.00 used in this case example is for illustrative purposes only.

Terms and Conditions

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive 100% cash rebates* on your first trade!
Applicable to new clients with live account opened from now till 30 September only.


What is Margin?

When trading with Vantage, you will enjoy access to leverage that allows you to increase your trade size, even with a small amount of capital. Typically expressed as a percentage, margin is the minimum amount of funds required in your account to make leveraged trades. This helps brokers to cover for the trader’s credit risk.

Read more about margin here.

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