COVID-19 Update: Vantage FX is still operating as per normal

As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact the global community, we want to assure you that we have taken steps to ensure business continuity for all our clients and partners, as well as the health of our employees around the world. 

We are fully equipped with a comprehensive BCP plan for all critical functions on a global scale. Based on guidelines from regulators and global health authorities, we have taken a number of steps to ensure business continuity and help halt the spread of COVID-19. 

Here at Vantage FX, we have specific processes and tools that allow employees to work from home and alternative locations in a safe and robust way. Rest-assured the running of our platforms and services will not be impacted. 

In most of our offices, including Hong Kong, the UK and Australia, the majority of our colleagues are now also working from home. It’s important to note that all critical functions are naturally still working to ensure daily operations continue seamlessly. 

We will continue to offer our award-winning service during these unprecedented times and as the situation continues to evolve, we will communicate our approach and measures. 

Do not hesitate to contact [email protected] with any queries that you may have.

Take care and kind regards,

Vantage FX

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